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Indians Athletics

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Indians Athletics

Pocatello High School

Indians Athletics

Pocatello High School

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2 months ago @ 4:13PM

Summer Swimming Opportunities in Pocatello

The swim team will not be holding an official swim camp this year, but here are a few local swimming opportunities to keep in mind.      


Summer Swimming Opportunities in Pocatello:


summer swimming with the PVST krakens  

Swim with Pocatello's USA Swimming club team at the Community Rec Center and/or Ross Park!  I don't have details, but they typically have a good deal ($200 ish for the summer) on their seasonal training program.  Keep an eye on their website for details.  



Teen Swim & Jr. Lifeguard Camps at ISu

These camps are for teens, ages 12-16, who want to improve their swimming ability and start learning lifeguard skills.  Participants must be comfortable in deep water, but no prerequisite swimming skills required.  Each camp offers 12 hours (8 class dates x 1.5 hours) of instruction with about 45 minutes swim training and 45 minutes lifeguard & aquatic safety skills.


Dates & times

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-4:00pm

June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27

July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, Aug 1



$99 per camp for ISU affiliates

$119 per camp for the public

·         Includes course materials & tshirt

·         50% discount on second camp if you register for both camps




Bengal Buddies Summer Swim Team at ISU

This training is those ready to increase their swimming endurance and learn the basics of the 4 Olympic strokes, starts, and turns.  Ages 5-17. 


Date, Practice Times, and Competition

·         Mondays & Wednesdays

·         June 3-July 31

·         10&U 2-2:45pm

·         11&Over 3-4pm

·         No classes the week of July 4th

·         Two optional, optional fun-only competitions on June 26 or 28 and a championship Meet on on July 31 or Aug 2; swimmers will not need to have the USA Swimming membership to compete in our Rec League meets



·         $99 for the summer for ISU affiliates

·         $119 for the summer for the public


Prerequisite Skills

·         Comfort in deep water

·         Able to attain back float independently anywhere in the pool required.

·         Able to swim 25 yards with rhythmic breathing


What do I need to participate?

·         A swim suit:  For the ladies, you need a SWIM suit--not a “bathing suit,” not a sitting-around-looking-cute suit.  It should be a one piece swim that stays put when pushing off the wall or motoring through the pool.  For the guys, trunks or shorts are fine to start—as long as they stay put when you push off the wall or get motoring.  Guys may want a practice “jammer” type suit. Jammers are much better for non-recreational, swim team swimming than baggy bloomer trunks.

·         Goggles:  ISU loan and sell, if you don’t have good goggles and/or don’t know what to buy.

·         Swim Cap (Optional):  If you have long hair, you’ll need a swim cap—which is still optional but practical unless you have epic French braiding skills.  Swimmers will get a team cap for free when they join.   


PS.  Practice is slated to start Aug 12.   


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